Acrylic Display Stands

Acrylic pedestal plinths create the perfect display stand for shops, businesses, exhibitions and events. Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes, all our displays are all made in-house by our talented team.

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Acrylic Display Stands

Welcome to Plinths & Pedestals. We are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of display plinths and stands in the United Kingdom.

We have over 20 years experience creating impressive plinths in a fantastic array of innovative styles and sizes. We can bring your vision with our custom designed acrylic stands, plinths and pedestals. We can even produce branded plinths for a real visual impact!

Our Products

At Plinths & Pedestals we value offering a highly effective sales service. From the first point of communication all the way through to delivery, we are a team you can rely on. Throughout the production process all our products are quality checked to ensure our clients only receive the best. All our displays are made right here in the UK using first-rate materials.

We strive to do what we can for the planet. We implement processes within our workflow such as recycling all that we can. We also work with suppliers that also share our green approach. We do our part for the environment whilst maintaining our high quality standards.

Our display stand plinths can be upgraded with additional features such as display cases with rechargeable LED lighting and vinyl branding. They can also be customised in a wide range of colour choices. Whether you are looking for a display solution for your business, home, event or exhibition, we are the experts to help. Get in contact today.

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Acrylic Pedestals

Acrylic display plinths offer the perfect solution whatever you require displaying. They add height, improving the visibility of your items and draw peoples attention. Being incredibly lightweight as well as robust and durable. They can be moved around easily and used almost anywhere. Which makes them ideal for museums, galleries, retail, exhibitions, weddings and more.

How are the Plinths Made?

Our perspex plinths offer premium quality by being expertly crafted with a stunning ultra-gloss finish. Acrylic is a fantastic material choice as it is actually clearer than glass, shatter resistant and lightweight.

The standard option for acrylic plinths is transparent, however our plinths are available in all colours and can be completely opaque. With Plinths & Pedestals the options are endless. For custom plinths please get in touch.

What Plinth Displays do we Offer?

We supply our plinths fully assembled and ready for display. Utilise the plinths as portable attractions for exhibitions and events or they can also be used as permanent display units.

What Sizes are Available?

Choose from a wide range of heights and widths for your display stands. We have options from 300mm in height all the way through to 1200mm, and from 300mm in width to 600mm. You can also add a number of additional features to your displays, which includes lockable access hatches with shelves, secure display cases and LED lighting.

All our products are designed and manufactured in house. For further information on our products or a free quote, please contact us today.

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