Our Values


Provide a fast and efficient sales service helping you our customer to choose the right products for each event. We achieve this through a professionally trained team of colleagues that communicate clearly via telephone, email and website supported by state of the art electronic customer relationship systems.


Our core value which drives everything we do from our first point of contact with you to delivery, and indeed we hope for life. Each step from enquiry to delivery is taken with a sense of pride and care, aiming to achieve the WOW effect for you and our customers.


All our display stands, plinths and pedestals are hand crafted with attention to detail, all joints are mitred for strength and an ultra crisp edge together with a professional grade spray finish. Nothing is sent out without our production manager being happy, quality checks are made throughout our production process. We are proud to make all our products here in the United Kingdom.


When we can deliver personally, we will, and our drivers support and uphold our service values. Our drivers  thrive on delivering on time and just being plain helpful.


Here at Plinths and Pedestals, we are doing our very best to play our part in loving our planet. We work hard to recycle what we can, where we can.

By working closely with our suppliers and our neighbours to be as clean & green as possible, while still providing you, our lovely customers, with an outstanding product.

Something we have always worked hard on behind the scenes and have recently been told to shout about it!

Here are some examples of where we’ve managed to tick the green box! ;

  1. 99% of what we use, chemical wise, is water-based from paints to glues, we strive to keep our working environment clean as well as our planet.
    M1 Rated water-based paint, the cleanest paint available with no fumes so we can all breathe easy :).
    For special requirements, such as water-resistant display plinths, we do have to use alternatives, and we do our utmost to keep our products as clean for our environment, staff, and customers as is humanly possible.
  2. Any old or damaged plinths are recycled to make smaller plinths or shelving and sometimes glue blocks for other display plinths. Nothing is wasted!
  3. Cardboard is recycled and re-used. We encourage our hire customers to please keep the cardboard corners so we can re-use when collected, at the end of the hire period.
  4. Our plastic, polythene and shrink wrap together with cardboard, where not re-used, is then recycled by Biffa.
  5. Excess paint left over is saved and given to local schools for supplies.
    We also have a local boat model maker that uses our leftover coloured paints and pops in when he is passing to pick our leftovers, all free of charge of course. If we aren’t using it, then we love it when someone else can benefit, to help reduce unwanted waste.
  6. We always plan our routes ahead of schedule for our drivers for fuel-efficiency. We have upgraded our delivery van to 2019  model to meet with the latest emissions standards.
  7. We also recycle in the office, the paper is re-used until there is no scribble space left before being shredded and then recycled. We are currently reviewing our software so we can become even more efficient and use less paper than we do already.
  8. Our Acrylic is also recycled (broken or damaged acrylic cases) are collected mushed up and used to make more sheets of acrylic, we do hate landfill!
  9. Recycled Pallets for our deliveries. We re-use and have agreements with our neighbours on our Industrial estate  “PIP” (unit 1), they have their supplies delivered on pallets and have no use for them afterward. “local business working well together.”
    On Pizza Fridays once a month they also get a cheeky slice!
  10. Machinery, we aim for as limited an amount as possible of single-use items. Saw blades are sharpened and not thrown away. Machinery is sent away for fixing wherever possible.
  11. Office furniture, we have recently made a new set of shelving units from old plinths to house paper & office supplies, H&S folders, and catalogues, etc.When you have experts at your disposal, everything is made to measure, and it all saves money and resources!
  12. Our unit has recently had its solar panels renewed to help produce even more natural energy!
  13. All our lighting is LED for low energy consumption, lowering our costs to our customers and taking some pressure off the planet.
  14. Our strong little forklift is rechargeable, creating no fumes for our atmosphere or team to breathe in.

We are continuously reviewing where we can save energy and recycle for our beautiful planet! 🌍

Keeping team plinths as green as we can be! ♻️

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