Catering Plinths

Are you looking for display solutions for your catering table? We provide stylish and impressive plinth displays, with stock and bespoke options available. All of our products are quality built in-house by our own expert team.

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Catering Table Stand Display Plinths

Welcome to Plinths & Pedestals. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of catering display stands and plinths.

Catering Food Risers

Add dimension to your catering display and showcase your buffet in the best way possible with our catering plinth selection of buffet display stands and food risers.

Introducing a fresh approach to food presentation and optimising table space, our display stands are a versatile choice for various venues, from cafes and restaurants to pop-up catering setups. Widely utilised as innovative display set-ups across diverse settings, including dinner parties, weddings, celebrations and corporate events, food risers offer a straightforward yet impactful display solution.

Explore our extensive selection of catering plinths. Available in a diverse array of shapes and sizes, with the option for bespoke customisation to suit your specific needs. Crafted with precision from premium-grade MDF, our plinths are coated with a food-safe polyurethane seal, making them waterproof and easily wipeable for effortless maintenance. For an alternative aesthetic, we also offer white acrylic plinths, ensuring a seamless and hygienic presentation solution that is equally simple to clean.

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Buffet Riser Displays

We work with catering companies across the UK who create creative display set-ups. Whether it's showcasing vibrant fruit platters, decadent dessert tables or enticing buffets, our plinths serve as essential elements in curating the ideal table setup.

Our nesting plinths set-up are a popular choice for catering set-ups. Specially designed, these plinths effortlessly nest within one another, creating a 'Russian doll' effect that offers easy storage and transportation. Incorporating risers of varying heights creates more visual interest.

Our small set of nesting plinths are the perfect size for table set ups and made of of 8 plinths in 300mm cube/ 275mm cube/ 250mm cube/ 225mm cube/ 200mm cube/ 175mm cube/ 150mm cube/ 125mm cube. Choose the shape, size and colour of your plinths. Our plinths are fully customisable with white, black and a variety of colour options available.

Our Process

We offer delivery across the whole of the UK and worldwide for all of our purchase items.

Our team meticulously handcraft plinths, display stands and pedestals for clients throughout the UK. We are committed to offering an unwavering service from your first interaction with us, all the way through to delivery. Every product undergoes rigorous quality checks at various stages of production, with a final inspection pre-delivery to guarantee the utmost quality before our products reach our valued customers.

All of our products are crafted in-house, right here in the UK. We are committed to environmental responsibility, actively recycling materials whenever possible and collaborating with suppliers who share our ethos.

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