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We have a variety of counter top displays, including exceptional acrylic units. Our display stands are the perfect solution for businesses, retail shops, events and exhibitions. We can make them in a variety of styles and sizes and they are made in-house by our skilled craftsmen.

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Acrylic Counter Display Units

Welcome to Plinths & Pedestals. We take pride in being a leading manufacturer of counter top display stands within the United Kingdom.

Our talented team have more than two decades of experience crafting stunning display units. We can create the ideal, tailor-made solution for your specific requirements.

Why Should You Use Our Products?

Our acrylic displays provide you with many advantages. We supply display cases which can be placed upon countertops, as well as on to our acrylic plinths, which are perfect if you want a free standing unit. Our counter displays are the ideal solution for products that may suffer from dust, dirt or smells in the air. They also reduce direct handling of the products. Our stands have been used including galleries, shops and museums.

If you would like a counter display which comes with extra security, we can create units with locking doors, hinges and security screws. All of our display boxes are also built inline with Oddy standards, which means they can also protect delicate and older products. Our free standing display boxes also provide:

  • Different lighting options
  • Custom sizes
  • Excellent security
  • UV protection & ventilation

Get in contact with us today for more details on our displays and plinths.

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Retail Display Stands

Our acrylic display stands bring focus to your items, highlighting products perfectly. They are not only robust, but also very lightweight and you can easily adjust their location, without any issues. Not only is the acrylic construction clearer than glass, it is also lightweight and shatter resistant.

If you are trying to promote your item on a busy countertop, then displaying it in a beautiful, customisable stand can be incredibly effective in boosting sales of your merchandise.

What Counter Top Displays do we Offer?

We provide all of our display boxes, so that they are ready for use. They are a modern and stylish option, which makes displaying your product, easy and streamlined.

You can select from a range of sizes, and we have light boxes available to hire or buy, in 400mm and 500m square designs. Your item can be lit from above or below, and the lighting can be adjusted, with a remote control. There are also numerous colour options.

All of our light boxes are self-contained and come with a charger. You can also have a number of different added options to your displays, which include shelves, security and lockable access hatches.

We design and manufacture everything in-house, within the UK. If you would like further information on purchasing or renting a display case, contact us today.

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