Chris's 70th Birthday Celebration @ Plinths and Pedestals

August 21, 2019
Question: What do birthdays, beer, food & hexagonal display plinths all have in common?
Answer: They're probably the most celebrated aspects of our lives!
Well okay maybe hexagonal display plinths are pushing it a bit, but honestly, how else could I write this blog.
Chris very recently reached a golden milestone, his 70th birthday, happy birthday Chris!

Chris and hexagonal display plinths ready for finishing.

To celebrate, the team at Plinths and Pedestals treated Chris to his favourite tipple, beer, from the famous Harveys of Lewes brewery and a dinner voucher to the Pelham Arms, just a stone's throw or stagger, from the brewery!
Both establishments are well known in Lewes and have been brewing and serving the public with great food and drink since the 17th century.
Oh and not forgetting the bespoke beer crate, crafted by the plinths and pedestals production team to help Chris stash his beloved tipple, seen below at break time.

Bespoke Birthday Cake & Beer Crate

Chris, his wife Jackie, and Flora, the dog celebrated in style.

Chris, Flora the Dog & Jackie - Before he got ready for dinner! (I hope)

Thinking about it,  Chris, Harveys Brewery, The Pelham Arms in Lewes and the hexagonal display plinths do have a genuine common theme! They are all born from a passionate care for producing a high-quality product, which means they stay in demand for many years to come, just like Chris!

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