Christmas In July!

July 12, 2019
Some of us wish it could be Christmas every day, and for many teams in large retailers, that is the case. Buyers and merchandisers start working on the next years' products and promotions even before the current years Christmas Day arrives.
The reason, of course, is that retailers can take up to 40% of their annual turnover in just a few months of peak season shopping frenzy, they cannot afford to get it wrong.
So then, how to present and promote your companies innovative products to the media and influencers in a sustainable but highly innovative environment?

Enter 'Christmas in July' by founder Courtney Rogers at the Business Design Centre London, now in its third successful year.
Courtneys' vision was to deliver an event that would focus on putting journalists first, minimising their time out of the office and maximising the brands and retailers they could visit under one roof, across all gift categories.
Plinths and Pedestals are proud to be the preferred supplier to 'Christmas in July' after having been approached by Rosie Johnstone, the operations manager. Rosie needed to hire a range of display plinths that would complement their retail clients' display and help to promote their products, quickly and efficiently.

Colour Matched Plinths, Round & Square With Lockable Storage Hatch

Retailers attending the event can choose from a wide range and style of display plinths and tables, selecting the exact Pantone colour and or vinyl branding to match their companies logo and image.
These would arrive all on the same day and delivered directly to the clients' stand, completely hassle-free.
Everything from ensuring the correct colour & finish, to help with the right artwork format for branding is taken care of by the focussed team at Plinths and Pedestals.
Delivery, setup, packaging recycled, and collection, is all carefully coordinated by sales & operations under Jade Turners (Director) direction.

The delivery team executes perfect timings and collections for all the hired display plinths, directly to and from the stand with a can-do attitude, vital when faced with a challenge in a fast-paced setup!
So, put the date in the diary and make sure your products feature proudly in the next 'Christmas in July' event.

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