Colour & Branding Psychology

August 1, 2019
Colour, when considered in a psychological sense, has long been considered a powerful influencer, not least in a marketing sense. Companies large and small go to great lengths testing ads and visual content of all kinds in varying colour palettes and reflect on the level of response and engagement.
Just a simple change of background colour on an advert from red to green, can for example, in the right context, more than double the response rates. Perhaps it's not surprising that improvements in response rates based on colour isn't universal.

Christmas Display Plinths for - NOT ON THE HIGH STREET . com
NOT ON THE HIGH STREET - Christmas Display Plinths

Differences in culture, ad environment, and even the time of the year, all skew responses beyond any meaningful comparison. But don't let that dissuade you from your drive to create an intense look and feel that reflects your brand.
Having a coherent message & consistent colour palette from the printed word to visual display significantly improves engagement when presenting your product, service, or artwork to an audience.

Christmas in July Event - Playtime Exhibiting
Business Design Centre London - Christmas in July
Christmas in July Event - McGlaggan Mugs

The team at Plinths and Pedestals find this one of the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of their work. Helping customers match or choose colours and finishes is the first step.

Exclusively Housewares Event - Colour matched portable display tables & shelved plinths

Help with the correct file format, cutting and applying accurate representations of logos in the matching Pantone reference usually follows. Then the balanced placement of an adhesive vinyl to all display plinths is taken care of for you, with your approval of course, at all stages before production commences.

Stationery Expo Event - 2019 - Shelved plinths and colour matched portable tables
The choice of colours and finishes is vast and can become confusing, for example;
Internal or external use?
Glossy or Matt?
Pearl Glaze or Metallic.
Pantone reference, RAL number or perhaps Dulux?
Fire safety requirements?
Vinyls applied over spray finished display plinths creating a subtle sheen & professional reflective edge.

Do not worry, Plinths and Pedestals will alleviate your pain!
They'll help you navigate the minefield of options and even provide you with a fire safety certificate if required for your exhibition hosts.
Oh yes, almost forgot !! They also wanted to mention that as far as they know, no other supplier can provide you with such a highly comprehensive and bespoke service. You see, not only can you purchase with this degree of choice in colour and branding, you can hire your display plinths too if you'd prefer.

Hexagonal Nesting Set - Spray finished in silver for a stunning effect.

But words are cheap, and pictures speak a thousand words, so the images provided throughout this blog are just a few examples of some recent work.
If you have an upcoming event or exhibition and need a helpful, prompt no-nonsense service, then contact the team at Plinths and Pedestals today, let them take the hassle and stress out of your next event.

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