Light Bulb Moments!

October 4, 2019
We've all had them, sudden moments of inspiration seemingly appearing from the ether as if by magic.
The team at Plinths and Pedestals have been that very light bulb moment for hundreds of customers who've asked, "how do I stand out from the crowd?"

Sunseeker promotional branded display plinth & lighting
Whether it's an event or exhibition, museum or retail display, the aim has always been to draw attention to and accentuate the subject. Display cases create attention and help develop a sense of drama and interest.
After all, something presented inside a display case surely must be significant!

Lockable display case with rear access hatch & LED display lighting

Amplifying the effect with super bright and crisp LED lighting takes attraction and attention to a whole new level.
Jewellers have perfected the art of attraction using display cases and lighting for centuries, and they know a thing or two about making their art stand out from the crowd.

Jewellery display inside lockable display case & rechargeable led lighting.

Achieving this at an event or exhibition and even in-store can be tricky and a costly exercise because most lighting requires power. Exhibition halls can charge extra for power supplies, and trailing power leads are unsightly if not hazardous.
It can be a problem for retailers as well, with the need for refreshing displays through seasonal changes.
The team at Plinths and pedestals have come up with the perfect solution, a completely self-contained display case with lighting and rechargeable power, all in one.
Plinths and Pedestals will deliver a display plinth and matching display case with lighting, fully charged ready to go, wherever and whenever you need for your special event.
Customising your display plinth with an endless choice of colours and finishes will help you to reflect the look and feel of your business and branding. Computer cut vinyl logos, and digital prints can be created and applied to your display plinths, whether you hire or buy.
With so many exciting options to choose from, the Team at Plinths and Pedestals have become experts at helping you find the perfect solution.

Standard & bespoke display cases with led lighting options

A friendly chat with will help to inspire that light bulb moment for you, a simple hassle-free solution to making the most of your upcoming event.
Call them free 0800 975 4601 or contact them online today, they're looking forward to hearing from you.

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