Professional Hand Sanitiser Stations (Hire or Purchase)

June 16, 2020

Here at Plinths, we have been busy like the rest of the world, organising for our full team to return safely back to work! We are extremely lucky that we have lots of space, so whilst marking out our factory floor with 2m distancing, deep cleaning everything from hand rails to pump trucks! We thought.......Where are we going to place our hand sanitiser?

This got us thinking, now as you can imagine during lockdown our brains have become slightly mushy, so we apologise in advance for not being very quick of the mark! We have been looking at alternative stands, product display solutions and other brands of hand sanitiser stations to place your 70% alcohol gel/devices on and ewwwwww is what we thought! Who would want plasticky, clinical stations that look, lets be honest, pretty damn ugly!

With retail and public spaces such as galleries, museums, shops, hairdressers, schools, shopping centres re opening, we wanted to offer something much much prettier.

What would YOU want from a hand sanitiser stand? Don't worry, we have it covered!

Professional, re-usable, branding, easy to spot, manufactured in the UK, reduced plastic waste, easy to use, with or without sanitiser, delivered, set up & collected within M25, purchase or hire! Free delivery in UK! Bulk order discounts of course and more.....

The image above gives you, our lovely clients an idea of use! The possibilities are endless. You could have a larger footprint plinth say 600mm sq and have sanitiser on all 4 sides? You could place flowers on top if your in a hairdressers for instance to keep the plinth discreet and in keeping with your space! We can also build bespoke if you would like a certain shape, size to meet your requirements and of course please do not forget about the endless colour choices.

Dont forget our beautiful plinths are still a great space saving solution to enable customers to browse and walk around your products keeping their distance!

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