Putting national days on a pedestal, or plinth!

July 5, 2019
Raising awareness for National Cupcake Day provided an opportunity for the team at Plinths and Pedestals Ltd to indulge in some homemade sweet treats with some light-hearted fun.

Dean & Deryn devouring cupcakes

Dean and Deryn were both caught trying to devour two giant cupcakes as seen below being showcased on the Art Deco and ornate display plinths.

Gary & Chris.. left to right, Like father like sun, caught in the act!

Gary and Chris from the production team couldn't wait to get stuck into the cupcakes on display, and reports are that they devoured more than their fair share!

Ben & Chris left to right, lying low waiting for their chance!

Ben and Chris, also from the production team, decided to lay low until no one was looking and take an enormous bite but got caught red-handed. Chris's glove tattoos, beer and ales highlight his passion for a hoppy brew, he couldn't believe his luck when a brewery moved next door to their display plinths factory, pure heaven!

Jade & the Glossy Plinths

Jade, being such a gym bunny helped her resist the temptation of the all the goodies (so she says) and decided to showcase the cupcakes on the deep gloss finish display plinths.
Jade left & the cupcake baker Jackie on the right

For a team that creates bespoke, custom made display plinths and pedestals, no ordinary everyday cupcake would do!
Jackie, one of the sales team, has many skills, she's not just great at helping customers, she's also a talented opera singer and cake maker! Seen below with her faithfull dog Flora, being trained to answer the phone to customers, while she made the cakes you see for the National Cupcake Day.

Flora, being such a fashion-conscious dog, wanted to show you how great she looks on the mannequin or fashion display plinth, a Crufts contender if ever we've seen one!

Flora behaving beautifully on a fashion display plinth.

Talking of Crufts and all things dogs, the team at Plinths and Pedestals didn't miss the bring your dog to work day either with Flora as you've already met, and here's Frank with his owner Olly from the production team.

Frank with owner Ollie
Frank is wearing a rare example of a sky blue polo shirt with the Plinths and Pedestals logo embroidered on the left flank. It's a beautifully fitted off the shoulder number with a short leg creating a professional yet relaxed look.
Frank on bring your dog to work day.

Frank is a real star, not only is he a faithful loving dog to his owner Olly, but he has also taken to answering the phone when everyone's busy eating cupcakes, sorry, making plinths.

Frank with his telephone headset barking out the orders!

When questioned, both Flora and Frank preferred the National Burger day over the cupcake day, however, due to the complete lack of doggy bags available at the end of the day, both left feeling very unfulfilled in every sense of the word.

Black marble paint effect display plinth with a tasty platter of burgers

You see it's not just work work work at Plinths and Pedestals, while they work hard to deliver a great product with excellent service to valued customers, they also enjoy themselves as a team.
Making a great cake demands that all the ingredients are of the highest quality, combined with the utmost care and then baked to perfection.
Having a happy team at work is just one of the vital ingredients to the success of Plinths and Pedestals, don't take our word for it, why not see who else thinks so!

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