Vinyls, 12 inch remix or 45 inch Single ?

September 23, 2019
Being born in the '60s or '70s would ensure this title makes sense to most.
If you're a millennial, then there's a good chance the title of this blog post will go over your head.
Then again, vinyl records and analogue music has made an enormous comeback to date, so if this blog makes sense to you, then that's just great! Revenge of the analogue!

Display plinths, branded with vinyls at an event promoting power tools
Hexagonal display plinths - dual branded vinyls - digital prints computer cut

I guess it's the warmer more lifelike sounds only possible through a needle in the groove of the vinyl that makes a record more appealing to our ears.
The act of carefully removing the record from its sleeve, placing it on the turntable and gently lowering the balance arm to allow the stylus to connect, is in itself a delight.
Mp3's from iTunes and Spotify or the like are in their way, brilliantly instant, super accessible and instantly shareable.
But there's no denying, and I think many will agree, vinyl records are just so much more engaging than merely clicking on a playlist.

Plain display plinths in white with digitally printed and computer contour cut branding and logos
Plain display plinths - digital prints - computer contour cut
Vinyl in the world of promotion is also far more engaging when displaying a product or communicating a service.
Display plinths with branded types of vinyl will help to project your product or service.

Round white display plinths with vertically cut and applied branding logo using solid colour vinyl
Round white display plinths with vertically cut and applied branding logo using solid colour vinyl

There's a never-ending choice of colours and finishes to choose from, and it's essential the artwork created be in a professional format.
Vector line art and supported file formats, colour matching, crystal matt or gloss finish and positioning are all critical choices.

Black high contrasting computer cut vinyl branding frame and logo on plain display plinth
But please don't let all the technicalities put you off from creating a dynamic, engaging, and far more appealing display. Call or Contact the helpful, friendly team at Plinths and Pedestals today.
They do love this aspect of the job. Helping you their customers truly stand out from the crowd at your forthcoming event or exhibition.

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