Wedding Plinths

July 29, 2020

                                                                   Stunning Plinths to top off your Special Day

With everything else to think of, venue, dress, rings, venue, honeymoon, favours, colour scheme, flowers.......omg the list, just does not end! Now I have not yet experienced my own wedding day but I have been a bridesmaid many times. Not quite close to 27 dresses but certainly feels like it! The stress and organising that you go though to make your day perfect for not just you and your forever partner, you want it to be extra special for all your guests too. I know what your thinking 'plinths' for my wedding day.....we know this is not an item many people think of for a wedding?!? We have the pleasure of working with a local florist "Chirpee Flowers" they create stunning bouquets and arrangements for weddings and many other celebrations.

To show you what I mean when we say plinths can be a stunning addition to your special day, we have some great images to show how plinths can set off your entrance, your church, even your wedding cake stand.


Ornate and Art Deco Style Plinths in Metallic Copper & White

Clear Acrylic Plinths & Round Plinths

As you can see plinths can be a beautiful addition to make your wedding isle pop, or if you wish to set your 5 tier wedding cake off and create a real focal point our round or square plinths can do just that! Ask your wedding planner to contact us, we offer hire or purchase, 1000's of plinths in stock, we can deliver, set up and collect! Colour match, spray metallics, offer acrylic! Tell us your budget and we will always do our upmost to help.


200mm high x 500mm Across Flat Hexagonal Fashion Plinth

Now this is one for our Bridal Dress Shops, we offer fashion plinths for your brides to stand on, they are strong and sturdy. Should you want us to we can add reinforcement should you wish, we can also colour match to your space. We have 100's of these in stock.

Professionally spray finished, mitred for strength with seamless lines, 3 heights available or bespoke heights and widths if you wish! Nothing is too much trouble.

One of our lovely clients sent us a snap of her hexagonal fashion plinth placed infront of the mirror for just this purpose.

Bridal dress stands/podiums are the perfect solution for your beautiful brides to feel extra special when saying 'Yes" to that dress!

We are here to help. Please either call on 0800 975 4601 or email


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