The day of one of our drivers

June 20, 2019
Marc, alias Buster, to all who know and love him (and everyone does, especially our customers), works tirelessly against the much-maligned image of the driver in a white van, in every sense.

Unpacking & Delivering at Chelsea College of Arts
So many companies in the UK dedicate themselves to creating a great product and building a strong relationship with their customer only to be let down on the delivery day.
Many organisations large and small suffer at the hands of courier companies that appear to have little care in delivering an item with any sense of consideration for the package arriving intact, punctually, or with any sense of courtesy.
Marc, however, isn't driven by how many dozens of parcels he has to deliver in an hour.
It all starts with a great sales team that ensures that all the delivery information is clear and present on the shipping note, enabling Marc to plan his day to be as logistically as productive as possible.
Using state of the art navigation systems combined with the 'knowledge', ensures wherever possible, that delivery and in the case of hire, that a collection is made inside the promised time frames and the correct location.
A courteous handsfree call ahead helps both our customer and Marc, it's amazing how few companies do this.

Hands free call ahead to our customer with an eta.

Marc rarely if ever gets it wrong, and then only fail at the hands of unforeseen and extreme weather or traffic conditions.But there's another ingredient in the recipe of success when building such an excellent reputation, (have a quick peek out what our customer say on our reviews) and that's the WOW factor delivered with a smile.

Poor Marc, he always misses the action, delivering before the match at the Oval !

Marc aims to WOW at every delivery, going that extra bit further to make our customers lives just that little bit easier.
From running up flights of stairs when the lift's broken down to removing all the packaging for recycling, nothing is too much bother.

Bespoke trolley helps deliver plinths for hire in double quick time

Being happy in your job makes all the difference, and Marc has turned the final act of delivering into an art form.That's no exaggeration as anyone who delivers daily in our beloved capital knows that you have to be on the ball to keep on schedule, keep your cool, and deliver with a smile.

Happy in his work makes all the difference, quick stop at Trafalgar Square.

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